Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Role of Web Analytics in Your Online Business

Increasing profits of business is recognized only after inserting efforts in to its development procedure, then be it a retail store or online store. Everything today is done via online medium and so in order to gain some recognition over this platform people start with website building. Website building is no new today but some people lack with the fact of efficient website development. Once you have high tech website in your hand, doesn’t mean you are done with online marketing process of gaining recognition for your business. People usually take it for granted and this can cost you nothing but just a failure. In such scenario someone that can prevent you is web analytic tool. 

What exactly is the role of this web analytic tool for online business? In one sentence it can be said that, it basically monitors online activities on day to day basis so that you can promote your website in an efficient manner. Let us look at this process in detail one by one. 

First when person visit your website, he will have a look at layout of your website. If he is not comfortable browsing it via any medium like phone, PC, laptop, etc then he would not waste time in going through your website further. Web analytics here will monitor any of such problems and can assist you in resolving it in order to make browsing easy.

Second thing person will look at is content of your website. If the con tent is not powerful enough to keep visitor intact to your website for longer duration then it would affect bounce rate of your website. Believe it or not, but bad content is always embarrassing in terms of reputation of your website. It indicates that you are not clear with your website then how will visitor gain clear information. Web analytics will help you to know where exactly you are lacking behind when it comes to content and with this you can bring some changes by hiring good writing services. Third thing is providing detail about queries placed by visitors. If the visitor is there on your website for longer duration and has some queries related to your product or services then he will put them forward by placing it on your website. If you are not attentive enough to answer those queries on immediate basis or in short span of time then it might cost you losing effective visitor which may get converted in to customer. 

Fourth thing he may do is download some information if it relates with his needs. But this is not the end, as he may also click on particular link if it interests him. Web analytics basically figure out the information related to performance of website. Monitoring behavior of visitor is its main role and so ignoring role of web analytics can cost you at losing visitor. Apart from this other things that your web analytics can do for you is providing you detail information about orders placed by customers.


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